Tennis News

We had some great players on the courts and it was fun to see some new faces as well as our regulars. Congrats to Scott Askue and Kathi McGowan who won and to our finalists Thom Rowland and Sue Ellen Birchfield.  Special thanks to Cecilia for being the cutest “guy” on the courts.   – Rebecca ... Read more

What amazing weather we had! Congrats to Saeunn, Heather and Kelly who gave a great fight for 3rd place… what amazing points.  Our semi-finalists winners were totally awesome…Robert, Paige and Guy.  You sure know how to pick a great team Guy!  And then of course a big congrats to our triples winners…Brent, Thom ... Read more

OPEN TO MEN & WOMEN OF ALL LEVELS   JBST introduces Pickleball Open Play on our new tennis/ pickleball courts (5 and 6). Open Play PB is for all levels, Come play with your friends or get into a pick-up game with other Pickleball enthusiasts. Take advantage of open play time from 8am-10am on Monday and ... Read more

Thanks for participating in our fun triples event at Jones Bridge.  We raised a few $ for our club and had a great time.  Congrats to the Nutcrackers for making it to the finals and to the Brierfield BallHogs for winning in their first time participating!  Enjoy the pictures.  I was smiling when I was looking  ... Read more

Thanks so much for playing last night and helping raise a few dollars for our club while having a blast! Such a great group and amazing food too!  The finals were epic!  Congrats to the Jones Bridge semi-finalists, Angie, BettyAnn and Stant and to the winners the Brierfield BalHogs, 2nd time winners…Jack, Holly and ... Read more

Thanks so much for coming out to burn the calories today in the most fun way possible!  Check these pictures out…aren’t ya’ll the cutest!  I gotta say THE CHAMPIONS got the best dressed award and played like champions.  I appreciate everyone of you who make it so much fun. Big shoutout to ... Read more

Thanks to the generosity of the participants at Cardiotennisatjonesbridge and walking friends, she delivered 45 boxes of cereal, 3 cans of tuna and donating $285 to neighborhood coop! ( . Thank you for your generosity!

Thanks so much for playing in our July 4th triples fundraiser. Congrats to the July 4th JEMs  (Jeri, Erin, Mike) for making the playoffs with 2 players in their first triples. And Congrats to the winners –  TopGuns!  (Mike, Rebekah and Alec (also playing his first triples)). Special shout out to Taylor for being the grill master ... Read more